Class Descriptions

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Beginner Mat

A class designed for those new to Pilates. Understand pelvic neutral, core engagement and breath work while learning a set of basic Pilates exercises on the mat.

Intermediate Mat

Build your mat repertoire by exploring more advanced exercises on the mat. Explore the Pilates fundamentals of concentration and precision as you execute more challenging Pilates exercises on the mat.

Advanced Mat

A mat class designed for those with experience in the Pilates method. Deepen your practice by integrating more complex exercises to strengthen your core.

Gentle Mat

A specialty class for those recovering from injury and wanting a slower and more gentle approach to learning the Pilates fundamentals. Move and feel better by using guided visual imagery and careful exercise progressions to find and strengthen the deep core muscles.

Mixed Level Mat

Begin your morning on the mat! Explore Pilates fundamentals while working into more advanced exercises.

Mom and Baby Matwork

A class for moms and babies to work out together! Enjoy this hour to re-connect with your core, strengthen your body and ease postural strain that comes with pregnancy. A perfect opportunity to take time for yourself and your body.

Beginner Reformer

A class designed for those new to the Reformer. Learn the fundamentals of pelvic placement and core function as you experience a basic series Pilates exercises on the Reformer.

Intermediate Reformer

A class for those with experience on the Reformer….combine and link more movements together to increase your mind and body stamina.

Advanced Reformer

A high paced class with more advanced exercises on the Reformer. This class is designed for those with a strong foundation in Pilates.

Reformer for Men

A class designed specifically for men. Explore Pilates Fundamentals and move into intermediate sequences targeting mobility and flexibility for tight hips and backs!


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