Meet Our Instructors


Kirsty Holt, B.Sc.Kin., R.M.T., Studio Owner

After completing a degree in Kinesiology in 1998, Kirsty worked in the field of fitness and exercise rehabilitation. Furthering her interest in bodywork, she completed her massage therapy diploma in 2004. Movement has always been a huge part of her life. As a young athlete playing basketball, she represented Canada at many international tournaments. After moving to Nelson her love of movement shifted to mountain bikes, skis and hiking boots. After the birth of her first daughter Kirsty connected with the Pilates method and found her new passion! “Pilates has enabled me to connect with my body in a different way. I love the depth of this work and the rewards it brings through mindfulness, alignment and breath.” Kirsty is mat certified through the Physical Mind Institute. She is certified in the Reformer, Cadillac and Chair through the Pilates Sports Centre.


Mona Sather, B.Sc.Kin.

Following a university degree in Kinesiology, Mona discovered Pilates in 1999. She was instantly hooked! Mona is a fully-certified STOTT Pilates Instructor, completing Level 1 and 2 training on all equipment and matwork. She also specializes in Pilates Training for Injuries, Pilates for Special Populations, Athletic Conditioning, and Prenatal Pilates. Mona has completed two out of four courses on myofascial release with Kathleen Keller. Her greatest pleasure is helping clients to recover from injury, helping her students to regain confidence in themselves and their bodies, and to facilitate adopting the principles of Pilates into their daily lives. Mona believes Pilates can really change your life! Mona is also a yoga enthusiast and received her teaching certification from Trinity Yoga in 2003.


Megan Lowe, Certified Movement Therapist

As an artist and Pilates instructor Megan is fascinated by the human body and the interconnectedness of the bio-mechanical, visceral and emotional parts that make a body whole. Over her eight years as an instructor she has developed a deep love for holistic bodywork. Megan has observed the physical and emotional healing that occur when one has the opportunity to re-align themselves within one’s body ‘container’. Megan is certified in matwork, all apparatus and pre & post natal Pilates through STOTT pilates. She has continued to broaden her training through courses in the Classical method, Somatic Movement, Developmental movement Re-patterning, Body-Mind Centering, Laban movement analysis and Bartenief principles. Megan has worked with a variety of clients from rehabilitation clients to elite athletes and believes Pilates can help anyone wanting a balanced, stronger and more mobile body.


Mary Ann Spears

Mary Ann found Pilates in 2012 and was instantly drawn to it. After 3 weeks of participating in Pilates, “the pain in my hips dissolved and the freedom that came was profound!” Mary Ann was hooked and wanted to “share this work with everyone!” She has been pursuing her instructor certification in mat and apparatus through the Pilates Sports Centre and Master Teacher Trainer, Maria Sevilla. Her own journey through movement began in the local mountains. She’s been inspired her to hike, bike, snowboard, canoe, kayak, paddle board and dance in the Kootenays for the past 16 years. After giving birth to her son Jari she realized that sustaining her active lifestyle required a lifelong learning around body movement and movement therapies. Pilates has become a key component in her mind body practice and she is excited to share this method with others.


Robin Flynn, M.A.

Robin has a passion for health and has been working as a nutritional consultant and sustainable health educator for the last 7 years. She has a B.A. in Environmental Studies and a M.A. in Sustainable Communities. Robin currently teaches community classes empowering her students to find the joy in creating a life of wellness. After practicing yoga for 13 years, Robin discovered the radical benefits of Pilates for strengthening her intrinsic muscles, thus creating greater comfort, strength, and vitality. Inspired by the profound results she is pursuing her teacher training through the Pilates Sport Center. Robin offers kind and insightful guidance in her instruction of matwork and Reformer. She draws upon her own journey of reclaiming health and balance to share this transformational work with her students.


Elaine Bevans

Elaine began her practice in the Pilates method in 2006 after the Kootenai Pilates studio was first opened. She studied with Connie Myers and then became mat certified in 2007 through her mentor’s training program “Walking Tall Pilates”. Elaine then pursued her studies with Master Trainer Elizabeth Boswell-Jones in 2008. During the same year she attended a Balanced Body training course on the Reformer. Elaine’s passion for Pilates is evident in her teaching and demonstrated by her own dedicated self-practice. She has a wonderful approach in her teaching and loves to share her knowledge of the work. Besides instructing at Kootenai Pilates she has also taught Pilates through the Selkirk College Wellness Program.

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