Catherine Ruskin, R.M.

Catherine Ruskin is an experienced midwife, offering continuity of care to a very limited number of clients. Catherine is registered with the College of Midwives of BC. She has been practicing midwifery for almost 35 years and practicing in BC for more than 14 years. Catherine believes a woman’s experience of labour and birth is greatly enhanced when she is supported by a trusted care provider. She believes that time spent with her clients allows for personal relationships to develop based on knowledge and communication. Catherine has served on the Board of the College of Midwives of Ontario and on Committee of the College of Midwives of BC. She has served on the Perinatal Committee of Kootenay Lake Hospital and on the Regional Perinatal Committee of Kootenay Boundary Region. Catherine also has admitting privileges at Kootenay Lake Hospital. She is the mother of two sons and a daughter –all grown –and is “Nona” to three adorable grandsons.

Catherine Ruskin 250 505-2158

For more information on Catherine please visit www.nelsonmidwife.ca

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