Kirsty Holt, B.Sc.Kin., R.M.T., Certified PSC Pilates Instructor, Studio Owner

Kirsty has owned the Kootenai Pilates since 2012. She has been worked in the field of fitness and exercise rehabilitation for over 20 years. After receiving her Kinesiology degree in 1998 she went on to complete her massage therapy diploma in 2004. Movement has always been a huge part of her life!

As a young athlete she represented Canada at many international basketball tournaments. After moving to Nelson her love of movement shifted to mountain bikes, skis and paddle boarding. Kirsty connected with the Pilates method after the birth of her first daughter. With a passion for helping people feel better in their bodies Kirsty has been teaching Pilates for over a decade. Kirsty received her mat certification through the Physical Mind Institute and her equipment certification through the Pilates Sports Centre.

“Pilates has enabled me to connect with my body in a different way. I love the depth of this work and the rewards it brings through mindfulness, alignment and breath!”

Kirsty Holt

Mona Sather, B.Sc.Kin., Certified STOTT Pilates Instructor

Mona has a Kinesiology Degree from the University of Calgary and is a fully certified STOTT Pilates Instructor. She offers instruction in both Pilates Equipment and Matwork. Mona has been teaching Pilates for 17 years. Her specialized training includes myofascial release, Pre and Post-natal Pilates, and Athletic Conditioning. She also has years of experience working with Injuries and Special Populations.

Mona has worked with elite athletes, clients with neurological issues, clients with degenerative conditions, scoliosis, and people that simply want to improve their overall fitness and well-being. Her greatest pleasure is helping her clients regain confidence in their bodies and resume the activities that they love.

Mona believes that you can start Pilates at any age and improve the quality of your movement and your life!

Mona Sather

Mark Hamilton, B. Ed., Certified PSC Pilates Instructor

Mark discovered the Pilates Method in 2007 while looking for ways to help alleviate lower back pain. He used Pilates to strengthen and stretch his muscles and to enhance the physical fitness he needed to purse his sports. Mark grew up in the Kootenays and has always led an active outdoor lifestyle. He enjoys skiing, mountain biking, canoeing and hiking. He completed his Bachelor of Education in 2004 and has taught at Secondary and Post Secondary schools in the Kootenays.

Mark completed his PSC Certification in Mat, Reformer, Cadillac and Chair with Master Teacher Trainer, Maria Sevilla. He believes that his Pilates training paired with his Education Degree will allow him to help his clients better understand the Pilates Method and go deeper into the repertoire. His goal is to have his students “feel the work” in their bodies.

Mark is confident with a strong mind-body connection his clients can take the Pilates Method into their everyday life!

Mark Hamilton

Heather Boyer, R.M.T., Certified PSC Pilates Instructor

Heather completed her Mat Pilates Training in 2013. She received her equipment training through the Pilates Sports Centre in 2019. Heather has been a Registered Massage Therapist since 2007, and has over 500 hours of Yoga training. Her first experience with Pilates was in 2003 where she fell in love with it and how it strengthened and transformed her body!

Heather’s foundational knowledge of myofacial work has inspired her to develop her own Movement Therapy work, teach Pilates and Yoga classes, and create an Embodied Anatomy course for a Yoga teacher training program. Her passion for learning about how the body is connected brought her to explore how Pilatescan help to maintain health and facilitate the healing process. Heather believes that when we feel stable in our body, that stability moves into our lives, in everything we do. She loves to dance, hike, bike, and travel.

Heather is a passionate teacher and loves sharing her Pilates practice with a mindful somatic approach. It brings her joy to see how her clients can embody the qualities of a mindful connection with their bodies and feel that freedom of movement that follows!

Heather Boyer

Mary Ann Spears, Certified PSC Pilates Instructor

Mary Ann Spears has been teaching Pilates at The Kootenai Pilates Center since 2003. She is a certified Pilates instructor though the Pilates Sports Centre. Mary Ann is a very dedicated instructor and loves supporting people through movement. She is an avid dancer and has a background in yoga, receiving her Heart Yoga teacher training in 2016 with Karuna and Paul Erickson. When she found Pilates she said, “I know I will be doing this practice for the rest of my life!” Mary Ann continues to study new methods and modalities to keep her clients excited about learning the Pilates method.
Aligning herself as a physiotherapist assistant with Maria Morley, she is excited to bring the benefits of Pilates to new students.

She is a vibrant, inspiring instructor and loves helping people feel good!

Mary Ann Spears

Jennifer Rebbetoy, Certified PSC Pilates Instructor

Jennifer is dedicated to internal organization in many areas of her life. After founding a startup writing training manuals for small businesses, she needed to to find a movement modality to help balance the sedentary lifestyle that comes with modern tech. She believes Pilates is an amazing way to train the mind-body connection while achieving physical results. Jennifer recently completed her comprehensive Pilates certification in 2019 though the Pilates Sports Centre.

With nearly a decade of experience of working as an assistant to business executives, Jennifer is poised to help clients go deeper, breath deeper, and work more deeply in their bodies!

Jennifer Rebbetoy