Covid 19 Safety Commitment

Kootenai Pilates

**UPDATED: Covid-19 Safety Commitment

November 13th, 2020

As we move into winter we ask you to screen yourself for illness prior to leaving your house for class.    Please do not come to the studio if you are feeling unwell!

  •   If you have you had a new loss of taste or smell–STAY HOME.
  •   If you have had a fever in the last 48 hours–STAY HOME.
  • If you are experiencing a cough, shortness of  breath, or sore throat–STAY HOME. 
  • If you have been in close contact with a confirmed  or suspected case of COVID-19–STAY HOME.
  • If you have a fever in the last 24 hours – STAY HOME



We ask that our clients comply with the following procedures

    1. Classes will be 55 minutes long. Classes will be staggered by 15-30 minutes to allow time for extra cleaning between classes.
    2. Please do not come too early for class! We LOVE your enthusiasm but we need time for clients to enter and exit the building AND time to clean the studio in between!
    3. **NEW Please wear a mask at the studio when not working out. Please bring your own. We ask that you wear face masks in shared areas of the studio (i.e. hallways and reception areas.) If you don’t have a mask, a disposable one will be provided for you for a nominal fee.
    4. Reformer Classes are limited to 4 people per class. There is 2m between each reformer in the studios.  Mat classes are limited to 6 -7 participants with 2 m between each mat.
    5. Everyone must stay at least 6 feet away from other people.
    6. Entering and exiting the studio will be Enter through the front and exit out the back.
      • That means that there cannot be more than 3 people in the reception at a time.
      • There will be marked ‘waiting places’ that are 6ft or more apart
    7. Once you enter the studio, remove your shoes at the door.
    8. Sanitize your hands. There will be hand sanitizers in every room.
    9. Walk to your class and choose a piece of equipment farthest from the door for smooth entry of everyone.
    10. Please sanitize your equipment after class.
    11. You will have a basket of props beside your equipment which you can sanitize after class.
    12. Please remain at your station, unless going to the bathroom.
    13. Please bring your own water. The studio cooler will be available for limited periods.
    14. The bathrooms will be available.  There will be disinfecting spray available
      for you to wipe down anything that you touch, Open and close the doors with
      this paper towel and then throw them in the trash outside of the bathrooms.
    15. Between each class the instructor/staff will disinfect door knobs and surfaces used to gain entry to the studio
    16. When class is over, clean your equipment including every part of the machine and anything else that you may have touched.
    17. We LOVE to chat with all of you after class, but unfortunately, you’ll need to leave directly after class to clear the studio. (This pains us to no end, but it’s only temporary!)
    18. We prefer etransfer for the near future.  Please ensure your account is up to date.

Remember that this is only temporary, but in the end, the studio will be cleaner and safer for all!

Operational Safety Procedures:

  1. Clients and Kootenai Pilates Staff will always have at least 6’ distance between them.
  2. Hand sanitization stations will be placed in every room.
  3. Kootenai Pilates staff will wear a mask and clients will wear masks when moving around the studio but not exercising (unless desired).
  4. Clients will enter through the front door and exit out the back door.
  5. All clients MUST fill out the COVID pre-screening form.
  6. Reducing touch points – Props will NOT be shared. Staff and clients are required to sanitize props in prop baskets.
  7. Equipment and mats will be placed 6’ apart.
  8. Kootenai Pilates Staff will disinfect all studio contact points (handles, doors etc.) at regular intervals throughout the working day.